Samsung Gear S2 vs Fitbit Blaze Comparison

Most smartwaches nowadays can perform a wide range of functions, such as smartphone interaction and physical activity assistance. Yet, they become a vital role in your daily life. What’s on your mind right now may be the consideration between Samsung Gear S2 vs Fitbit Blaze. Which one is better? Which one should you buy, Samsung Gear S2 or Fitbit Blaze?

Don’t worry. We got your back. In this article, we will layout 6 of the essential criteria for when it comes to choosing a smartwatch. Also, we will compare head-to-head Samsung Gear S2 vs Fitbit Blaze and help you refine your buying decision. Stay tuned and read on!

6 Considerations When Choosing Samsung Gear S2 vs Fitbit Blaze


Criteria           Fitbit BlazeSamsung Gear S2
Dustproof and water-resistantNoYes
Branded damage-resistant glassNoYes
Touch screenYesYes
Watchband is replaceableNoYes
Resolution272 x 340px360 x 360px
Screen size1.6″1.2″
Width42 mm42.3 mm
OLED displayNoYes

Fitbit Blaze is not designed with dustproof and water-resistant features. Also, the branded damage-resistance is not included in this smartwatch. However, you will find it convenient and easy to use the device with a touch screen and its sweat-resistance. The watch cannot removable for another one. Fitbit Blaze has a resolution of 272 x 340px with the 1.6″ screen size. This wearable measures 42 mm in width and has no OLED display.

Samsung Gear S2 is both dustproof, water-resistant and sweat-resistant, which are a plus point for those who are likely to come into contact with water and dust. Besides, the smartwatch features branded damage-resistant glass, improving the device’s durability. The touch screen is found on Samsung Gear S2, together with a replaceable watchband. The wearable’s resolution is 360 x 360px that is higher than that of Fitbit Blaze. Meanwhile, the screen is 1.2″, smaller when compared to Fitbit Blaze models. Samsung Gear S2 is 42.3 mm in width and is equipped with an OLED display, allowing wider viewing angles.

It can be seen that Samsung Gear S2 has significant advantages over Fitbit Blaze in terms of design. So, Samsung Gear S2 wins the first point!


Criteria           Fitbit BlazeSamsung Gear S2
Heart rate monitoringYesYes

Fitbit Blaze and Samsung Gear S2 all feature a heart rate monitor, showing your fitness levels and help you calculate a suitable exercise intensity. Also, an accelerometer used to measure the linear acceleration of a device is found on both models of smartwatches. There is no GPS for these two types of devices.

On the other hand, while Samsung Gear S2 is equipped with a compass for navigation and a barometer for weather change prediction, Fitbit Blaze does not have these features. Accordingly, Samsung gear S2 wins at this round!

Activity tracking

Criteria           Fitbit BlazeSamsung Gear S2
Tracks distanceYesYes
Tracks steps takenYesYes
Tracks your sleepYesYes
Counts how many calories you have burntYesYes
Measures paceNoYes
Provides activity reportsYesYes
Provides sleep reportsYesYes
Detects activities automaticallyNoYes
Tracks elevationYesYes
Has a route trackerNoYes
Has goal settingNoYes
Has exercise taggingNoYes

Regarding activity tracking, both Fitbit Blaze and Samsung Gear S2 share some standard features. They track distance and steps you take throughout the day, enabling you to see how active you have been. Your sleep can also be monitored to inform you how long you sleep for and quality. At the same time, these smartwatches count the number of calories burnt through activities, and this is helpful, especially when you are on a diet. Activity and sleep reports are provided through the app or websites that help you make improvements. Tracks elevation is also included for cases like when you are climbing stairs.

Then, there are several features found on Samsung Gear S2 but not on Fitbit Blaze. Samsung Gear S2 can measure pace and show you how much time it takes to travel one mile or one kilometer. It can also automatically detect when you start an activity such as running or jogging. Besides, Samsung Gear S2 features a route tracker, goal setting, exercise tagging, bringing you a better experience. These functions are not available on Fitbit Blaze models.

Therefore, Samsung Gear S2 has a more outstanding activity tracking system than Fitbit Blaze.


Criteria           Fitbit BlazeSamsung Gear S2
Is compatible with AndroidYesYes
Syncs wirelesslyYesYes
Supports Wi-FiNoYes
Bluetooth version44.1
Automatically syncsYesYes
Has NFCNoYes
Supports wi-fi 4 (802.11n)NoYes
Is compatible with iOSYesYes
Is compatible with windows phoneYesNo

Samsung Gear S2 and Fitbit Blaze share some similarities in terms of connectivity. They are compatible with both Android and iOS, so you can easily take one whatever your phone platform. The smartwatches automatically sync all the data wirelessly.

While Samsung Gear S2 can connect to Wi-Fi and is integrated with Wi-Fi 4, Fitbit Blaze cannot. Next, Fitbit Blaze with Bluetooth version 4.1 provides faster data transfers than Samsung Gear S2 equipped with Bluetooth version 4.0. Samsung Gear S2 has an NFC feature that allows the device to perform simple wireless transactions, which is not set up on Fitbit Blaze. On the other hand, Fitbit Blaze is compatible with windows phone while Samsung Gear S2 is not.

The discussion has shown the features of the connectivity of both smartwatches. Each of the wearables has its advantages, so you can choose one that suits your needs the best!



Criteria           Fitbit BlazeSamsung Gear S2
Battery life5 days3 days
Has a battery level indicatorYesYes
Has a rechargeable batteryYesYes
Has wireless chargingNoYes
Charge time2h2h
Has a removable batteryNoNo

Both Samsung Gear S2 and Fitbit Blaze feature an indicator showing users when the battery is low. This battery can be recharged many times and usually takes 2 hours to be fully charged. However, the battery of both types of smartwatches cannot be removable if broken.

Though they have some shared features, we can still find out the differences.  While Samsung Gear S2’s battery can run in 5 days, Fitbit Blaze’s one can be used in a shorter period – 3 days. Besides, the Samsung Gear S2 models can be charged wirelessly while the Fitbit Blaze does not support this feature.

Therefore, if you want a smartwatch with longer battery life, then go for Samsung Gear S2. Otherwise, Fitbit Blaze is a more suitable option if you love the wireless charging.


Criteria           Fitbit BlazeSamsung Gear S2
  Locates your phoneYesYes
Has notificationsYesYes
Has call controlYesYes
Has silent alarmYesYes
Has a stopwatchYesYes
Has vibrating alertsNoYes
Integrates with social networksYesYes
Has voice commandsNoYes
Has achievementsNoYes
  Includes access to online servicesNoYes
Has social featuresNoYes
Has an external memory slotNoNo

Samsung Gear S2 and Fitbit Blaze allow you to locate your phone when necessary. You also get the notifications from the device through the vibration or alerting noise. The smartwatches allow users to control the incoming call with on the smartphone. The silent alarm helps wake you using vibration and avoid disturbing others. Besides, Samsung Gear S2 and Fitbit Blaze feature a stopwatch and are integrated with social networks.

What Samsung Gear S2 is equipped with more than Fitbit Blaze is the vibrating alerts, voice commands, achievements, access to online portals, and social features. These all help bring users an exceptional experience.

All in all, the features of the Samsung Gear S2 gets the point!

Conclusion: Samsung Gear S2 vs Fitbit Blaze – Which One Should You Buy?

It is hard to say which one is definitely better. While Samsung Gear S2 smartwatches are equipped with more upgraded features that can be the preferred option of technology lovers, Fitbit Blaze models are made with sufficient functions to meet the demands of simplicity-oriented people. Therefore, each of you will find a type of wearable suitable to buy. Accordingly, the article has presented the essential comparison of Samsung Gear S2 and Fitbit Blaze so that you can have the best choice. Thank you for reading!