Fitbit Charge HR vs Samsung Gear S2 Comparison

hoiMost fitness trackers nowadays can perform a wide range of functions, such as smartphone interaction and physical activity assistance. Yet, they become a vital role in your daily life. What’s on your mind right now may be the consideration between Fitbit Charge HR vs. Samsung Gear S2. Which one is better? Which one should you buy, Fitbit Charge HR or Samsung Gear S2?

Don’t worry. We got your back. In this article, we will layout 6 of the essential criteria for when it comes to choosing a fitness tracker. Also, we will compare head-to-head Fitbit Charge HR vs. Samsung Gear S2 and help you refine your buying decision. Stay tuned and read on!

6 Considerations When Choosing Fitbit Charge HR vs. Samsung Gear S2


Criteria           Fitbit Charge HRSamsung Gear S2
Dust-proof and water-resistantYesYes
Branded damage-resistant glassNoYes
Replaceable watch bandNoYes
OLED or AMOLED displayNoYes

Firstly, granted that just like most of the smartwatch out there, Fitbit Charge HR and Samsung Gear S2 offer dust-proofing, water-resistance, and sweat-resistance to enhance the resilience and prolong their longevity. But when it comes to the display, Samsung Gear S2 significantly made it a great deal here as branded damage-resistant glass is provided to avoid scratch and impact.

The model itself is easily swappable into third party Samsung Gear S2 band, of which there are plenty of vivid options to choose. But the most essential step-up that Samsung made is in which a 21mm-wider OLED touchscreen display is aboard on Samsung Gear S2, which makes it a worthy consideration as a sweet point of Samsung Gear S2.

In these terms, Samsung Gear S2 is thoroughly competent against Fitbit Charge HR in both the design and display.


Criteria           Fitbit Charge HRSamsung Gear S2
Heart rate monitorYesYes

Regards to the sensor, Fitbit Charge HR and Samsung Gear S2 will help you to keep track of your heartbeat, from that, you can adjust the exercises suitably. The accelerometer is also offered, but the lack of GPS on both models might cause a little bit inaccuracy in further tracking feature, but still, it is acceptable.

Once again, Samsung is very generous with users of which they add a compass and barometer to Samsung Gear S2, a big move to improve performance in such section that most of the fitness trackers are usually inferior.

Activity tracking

Criteria           Fitbit Charge HRSamsung Gear S2
Distance trackingYesYes
Walking step taken trackingYesYes
Sleep trackingYesYes
Sleep reportingYesYes
Calories burnt trackingYesYes
Pace trackingNoYes
Activity reportsYesYes
Elevation trackingYesYes
Route trackingNoYes
Goal setting modeYesYes
Exercise taggingYesYes
Weight trackingYesYes
Water intake trackingYesYes
Calorie intake trackingYesYes
Automatic activity detectionNoYes

There is no doubt that both Fitbit and Samsung have packed a lot into Fitbit Charge HR and Samsung Gear S2 themselves. Both models are all about the efficiency: distance tracking, walking step taken tracking, sleep tracking, sleep reporting, calorie burnt tracking, activity reports, elevation tracking, goal setting mode, exercise tagging, weight tracking, water intake tracking, calorie intake tracking. As you can see, they serve quite sufficiently as your health assistant, keep an eye on every aspect of your daily basis.

In contrast, Samsung Gear S2 is flawless in this section with the extra pace tracking, route tracking, and automatic activity detection, which Fitbit Charge HR does not possess.

To conclude, even Samsung Gear S2 slightly wins in this section against Fitbit Charge HR, but in general, they are more than good enough for the vast majority of users.


Criteria           Fitbit Charge HRSamsung Gear S2
Android compatibleYesYes
iOS compatibleYesYes
Windows compatibleYesNo
Syncs wirelesslyYesYes
Automatically syncsYesYes
NFC connectivityNoYes
Mac OS X CompatibleYesNo
Supports Wi-FiNoYes
Supports Wi-Fi 4NoYes
Bluetooth version44.1

Turning to their connectivity, Fitbit Charge HR and Samsung Gear S2 are quite harmonious with devices, as they support the Android and iOS platforms. The ability to sync automatically and wirelessly also appears, a pretty standard feature among their peers currently.

But Fitbit Charge HR broadens the compatibility itself with Windows and Mac OS X in order to enhance its synchronization for the vast majority of users, which Samsung Gear S2 does not have. But in turn, Samsung Gear S2 compensates its flaw by exceptional connectivity, which is an NFC connectivity, Bluetooth version 4.1 compared to just 4 of Fitbit Charge HR, and especially a Wi-Fi 4 connectivity, which is by far nearly the fastest performance.

In this section, it is hard to decide which one is the winner; they both have specifications to be competent. So perhaps we might let you decide, depends on your perspective and your demand.


Criteria           Fitbit Charge HRSamsung Gear S2
Battery life5 days3 days
Battery level indicatorNoYes
Rechargeable batteryYesYes
Wireless chargingNoYes
Removable batteryNoNo

Fitbit Charge HR and Samsung Gear S2 step up to an unremovable rechargeable battery, which is pretty conventional currently, but here is where Samsung Gear S2 differentiates itself. While Fitbit still bundles the product with wired charging, Samsung Gear S2 makes an upgrade to wireless charging. Fitbit Charge HR has higher battery longevity than Samsung Gear S2, which is five days and three days respectively, but among all of their counterparts, it is quite inferior with a fitness tracker.


Criteria           Fitbit Charge HRSamsung Gear S2
Phone locatingNoYes
Call controlNoYes
Silent alarmYesYes
Vibrating alertsNoYes
Inactivity alertsYesNo
Achievement trackingYesYes
External heart rate monitorsYesYes
Music playbackYesNo
BMI tracckingNoYes
Voice feedbackNoYes
Ovulation predictionYesNo
Period notificationsYesNo
Smart scale compatibleYesYes
Start date predictionYesNo
Designed for womenYesNo
Food diaryNoYes
Supports widgetNoYes
Capture photosNoYes
Integrates with social networksYesYes
Access to online portalYesYes
Social featureYesYes
Voice commandNoYes

In terms of the features, all the essential features are provided on both Fitbit Charge HR and Samsung Gear S2, namely notification, silent alarm, stopwatch, achievement tracking, external heart monitor compatible, smart scale compatible. The manufacturers also nurture interpersonal life among the community with the social feature, integration with the social networks, and access to online portal features.

On the other hand, there are a lot of differences to talk about. Firstly, Samsung creates a better synchronization between the watch and your phone for which you can control your incoming call directly on the fitness tracker, which is just a few of their peer can do it. Voice command, capture photos (on the app), passcode, widget support, food diary, voice feedback, BMI tracking, and coaching are what Samsung Gear S2 brings to the table as well. But apart from that, Fitbit Charge HR opens up a whole new audience of potential buyers by the specification for women, such as ovulation prediction and designed for women. Also, Fitbit has fit additional start date prediction, period notifications, and music playback into the products, which can bring it in-line with the competition.

Conclusion: Fitbit Charge HR vs. Samsung Gear S2 – Which One Should You Buy?

At the bottom line, despite the fact that Fitbit Charge HR is inferior in most particular sections, it still provides you sufficient features to support your exercises. Especially, Fitbit Charge HR keeps itself from obscuration with Samsung Gear S2 by the specifications.

Choosing Fitbit Charge HR if:

  • You are a woman.
  • You have plenty of different platform devices and need to be synchronized with your fitness tracker.
  • You need a slightly more battery capacity.

Choosing Samsung Gear S2 if:

  • You need an exceptional fitness tracker with direct phone control.
  • You are a technology lover and fascinated by the advances.
  • Your requirement is to keep your fitness tracker’s outward appearance from scratch and impact as long as you can.