Apple Watch Series 3 vs. Samsung Gear S2 Comparison

Most smartwatches nowadays can perform a wide range of functions, such as smartphone interaction and physical activity assistance. Yet, they become a vital role in your daily life. What’s on your mind right now may be the consideration between Apple Watch Series 3

vs. Samsung Gear S2. Which one is better? Which one should you buy, Apple Watch Series 3

or Samsung Gear S2?

Don’t worry. We got your back. In this article, we will layout 6 of the essential criteria for when it comes to choosing a smartwatch. Also, we will compare head-to-head Apple Watch Series 3

vs. Samsung Gear S2 and help you refine your buying decision. Stay tuned and read on!

6 Considerations When Choosing Apple Watch Series 3 vs. Samsung Gear S2


Criteria           Apple Watch Series 3Samsung Gear S2
Dust-proof and water-resistantYesYes
Branded damage-resistant glassYesYes
Replaceable watch bandYesYes
Screen resolution312x390px360x360px
Pixel density302ppi302ppi
Screen size1.65’’1.2’’
OLED or AMOLED displayYesYes
Sapphire glass displayYesNo
Force touch/3d touchYesNo

There has to be a reason why Apple Watch Series 3 has been named as one of the best smartwatches in 2017, and the design can justify it itself, yet Samsung Gear S2 also shows some flairs to stand toe-to-toe with its rival. Both devices are very much at heart with the dust-proofing, sweat-resistance, water-resistance, and even enhance their endurance by the branded damage-resistant glass to avoid scratch and impact by time. Yet Apple Watch 3 goes into the whole new level with the sapphire glass display, which is an extremely durable material, surpassed only by diamond in terms of the hardness.

Turning to the display, they offer a 302ppi touchscreen with nearly similar screen resolution and the AMOLED display for the much wider angle. You would feel more responsive on Apple Watch 3 than on Samsung Gear S2, as Apple let you experience the 3D touch technology on their products. You also get another 0.45-inches of display for no significant size or weight penalty, which is quite a big deal to consider.


Criteria           Apple Watch Series 3Samsung Gear S2
Heart rate monitorYesYes

In terms of the sensors, here is also where Apple Watch Series 3 shows is competence in the competition. Both are facilitated with heart rate monitor, accelerometer, and barometer, which continuously monitor your current fitness insights and states of health. Yet for those who are specifically runners, you definitely want to choose Apple Watch 3 as only it possesses the built-in GPS to work independently from your phone. But it doesn’t mean Samsung Gear S2 can not provide you accurate activity data; you just need to connect the device with your phone to do that. A barometer is also present sorely on Apple Watch 3, and Samsung Gear S2 redeems its shortcoming by the additional compass for hiking and trekking.

Activity tracking

Criteria           Apple Watch Series 3Samsung Gear S2
Distance trackingYesYes
Walking step taken trackingYesYes
Sleep trackingNoYes
Sleep reportingNoYes
Calories burnt trackingYesYes
Pace trackingYesYes
Activity reportsYesYes
Elevation trackingYesYes
Route trackingYesYes
Goal setting modeYesYes
Exercise taggingYesYes
Stroke counter for swimmingYesNo
Weight trackingYesYes
Water intake trackingNoYes
Calorie intake trackingNoYes
Automatic activity detectionYesYes

Regards to the activity tracking, both offer core fitness features for a vast array of sports: distance tracking, walking step taken tracking, calories burnt tracking, pace tracking, activity reports, elevation tracking, route tracking (which is only present on App of Samsung Gear S2 rather than directly on your wrist of Apple Watch 3), goal setting mode, exercise tagging, and weight tracking. Both devices can even automatically recognize your current activity session (limited by the options within the device), give you a little bit more handy.

Despite the fact that Apple has the specification for swimming, finally, Apple Watch 3 shows its own limitation for Samsung to bring Samsung Gear S2 in-line with the competition. Samsung comes with the sleep tracking ability, and afterward, the REM cycles and sleep quality score will be given to you, which becomes your better companion in every aspect of your life. The tracking data of Samsung Gear s2 is even more thorough than Apple Watch 3 by the extra water intake and calorie intake tracking.


Criteria           Apple Watch Series 3Samsung Gear S2
Android compatibleNoYes
iOS compatibleYesYes
Syncs wirelesslyYesYes
Automatically syncsYesYes
NFC connectivityYesYes
Supports Wi-Fi 4YesYes
Bluetooth version4.24.1
Cellular moduleYesNo
Mac OS X compatibleYesNo

There is no doubt that the connectivity of both devices is top-notch among the business. Apple Watch 3 and Samsung Gear S3 both support the iOS platform devices, with the ability to sync wirelessly and automatically. You can also be able to make contactless payments through NFC connectivity, and they support the Wi-Fi 4, which delivers by far one of the fastest performance out there.

However, Apple Watch 3 limits itself by the absence of Android compatibility, but it is the tradition of Apple’s line-up. Apple Watch 3’s Bluetooth has stepped up to version 4.2, with Samsung Gear S2 was left behind with the previous version. Apple Watch 3 also perfects the smartwatch function by adding the cellular module, which feeds into the further phone connectivity on your wrist.


Criteria           Apple Watch Series 3Samsung Gear S2
Battery life0.75 days3 days
Battery level indicatorYesYes
Rechargeable batteryYesYes
Wireless chargingYesYes
Charge time2h2h
Removable batteryNoNo

There is nothing much different here as granted that they both step up to the rechargeable battery, battery level indicator, and the wireless charging for those who are after technology advance. Except for the battery longevity, which Apple Watch 3 is quite inferior compared to Samsung Gear S2, last only up to 0.75 days while Samsung Gear S2 promises a maximum three days function, but it is hard to combine the large battery capacity with an elegantly designed device.


Criteria           Apple Watch Series 3Samsung Gear S2
Phone locatingYesYes
Call controlYesYes
Silent alarmNoYes
Vibrating alertsYesYes
Integrates with social networksYesYes
Inactivity alertsYesNo
Achievement trackingYesYes
Access to online servicesNoYes
Social featuresYesYes
Used to answer callYesNo
Voice commandsYesYes
Internal storage16gb4gb
Smart alarmNoNo
The built-in camera remote control functionYesNo

Otherwise, this is the typical smartwatch, with decent features, as much as it’s ever been. Notification, call control, stopwatch, vibrating alerts, social network integration, achievement tracking, voice commands, social feature are what Apple Watch 3 and Samsung Gear S2 bring to the table. They also have a backup plan for you in case you accidentally misplace your phone.

On the other hand, Apple Watch Series 3 possesses 4-times more significant internal storage compared to Samsung Gear S2, quite incredible with a miniature device like that. Moreover, Apple Watch 3 also outperforms Samsung Gear S2 with built-in camera remote control function, inactivity alerts, and call answering, yet in turn, online services and silent alarm are only present on Samsung Gear S2.

Verdict: Apple Watch Series 3 vs. Samsung Gear S2 – Which One Should You Choose?

At the bottom line, Apple Watch 3 conveys decent meaning as a smartwatch through outstanding design and sensor, while Samsung Gear S2 has its own specification to make itself noticeable in the competition.

Choosing Apple Watch 3 if:

  • You want a dedicated design watch with extreme resilience.
  • You are runners.
  • You want to broaden the Apple ecosystem.
  • You want to work independently of your phone.

Choosing Samsung Gear S2 if:

  • You need more data insights into your current fitness state.
  • You want a long battery capacity.
  • You own an Android platform device.